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Moldex3D Help 2022

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7. Submit Moldex3D Job to SLURM via Computing Manager

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1.Use the following command to set MDX_2022_BIN environment variable

echo “export MDX_2022_BIN=/opt/Moldex3D/2022/x64/Bin/” >> /home/peter/.bashrc


Step 1: Start Computing Manager and click “New...” button to add Linux Server



Step 2: Change “Scheduler” to “SLURM”. Fill in “IP/Hostname”, “Port”, “Account”, “Password”, “LM IP/Hostname”, “LM Port” and click “OK” button. Computing Manager uses SSH protocol to connect to Linux Server. The default port for SSH client connections is 22.



Step 3: Select target “Server IP/Hostname” and click “Connect” button.



Step 4: Open the project by Moldex3D Studio on Windows (For example: The project is located at D:\MDX_WorkingFolder\Gear)



Step 5: Select Computing Manager



Step 6: Confirm the number of task used in Batch Job Creating List. Click “Submit” button in Batch Job Creating List to upload job.



Step 7: When “Finished” is shown in the target job “Status”, select the job and click “Download” to download the result.