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Release Note (See What's New in R17)

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Release Note of Moldex3D R17

Release Version: R17



CoreTech continues to maintain and supply more stable programs for Moldex3D users. The major enhancements and bug fixes in this service pack are briefly listed as below:

Supported Platform

A.System Requirements




Windows / x86-64

Windows 10 series

Windows 8 series

Windows 7 series

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2016

Moldex3D R17 is certified for Windows 10


Linux / x86-64

CentOS 6 series

CentOS 7 series

RHEL 6 series

RHEL 7 series

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

Linux platform is used for calculation resource only. Moldex3D LM, Pre-processor and post-processor do not support Linux platform


B.Hardware Requirements



Intel® Core i7 processor




1 TB free space



Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 series




4 TB free space

Graphic Card

NVIDIA Quadro series

AMD Radeon series

Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080

Note: To increase calculation efficiency and stability, it is recommended to switch off Hyper-Threading under RC/DMP structure.


Function Enhancements


1.[Studio] Add Studio Viewer – Free Version Project Viewer

Light version Installation (65MB)

Support Result Display and Post Processing

Not Allow to: submit analysis, run operation, model operation, export data

2.[Studio]Support Core-Shift Analysis

One platform through: Import Geometry > Fixed BC Setting > Analysis Setting > Submit Run > Result Display

3.[Studio] New Simulation Capability

Support Roundness Result & Export Radar Plot

Import Run from another project

Support Submit Batch Run(s)

Show Process Condition on cooling channel inlets

Show Gate Flow Rate after Hot Runner Steady (HRS) Analysis

Load result during calculation once each time step result ready

Support Particle Tracer Display by Point and Line

Output Results for EOF/EOP in Cooling Analysis

Support Gate Contribution result

4.[Studio] Enhance Operation Usability

Show XY Plot together with user profile setting and melt front animation

Allow to edit model name (before final check)

Check and Notify Setting Confliction for Run Modification

Enhance Usability for Venting BC Setting (Curve or Edge)

Allow to View Control via Keyboard

Allow rotate view any time with Ctrl + Shift + RMB

Scroll Mouse Wheel to adjust variable

Show / Hide for Run ID and Run Remark in Display tab

Snap Shot only to the area excluding project tree

5.Export Molding Process Sheet (Machine mode only)


Database Update

1.[Material] Update material database

267 thermoplastic materials are newly added

0 thermoset is newly added

19 material information is updated for properties including viscosity, PVT, specific heat and thermal conductivity



Bug Fixing


1.[Flow] Incorrect time information for multiple time step output from Process Simulation

2.[Flow] Invalid hot runner temperature control in certain cases

3.[3D CFD] Slow calculation of 3D solid cooling channel analysis due to no parallel computing

4.[FEA-I] Crash possibility when export initial stress in MCM project

5.[Expert] Dysfunctional analysis for Flow Rate Optimization

6.[GAIM] Invalid Nozzle shot off control in certain cases

7.[CM] Incorrect temperature data exchange in Compression Zone between Flow and Cool solver

8.[ICM] Chance of Error of calculating through RC to another computer

9.[CFM] Incomplete valve gate closing with PU material


1.[Designer] Failure when Heat Conduction BC exported with other user defined BC

2.[Designer] Incorrect Moldbase meshing in certain cases

3.[Designer] [CM] Assort modeling and meshing issues for Compression Molding project

4.[CADdoctor] Run out of memory when checking defect

5.[CADdoctor] Potential of crash during geometry defect fixing

6. [BLM] Assort meshing issues for hexa-based runner and cooling channel model

7.[BLM] Failure when meshing disconnected cooling channels as one component

8.[BLM] Wrong defect check after fixing non-matching faces

9.[BLM] Incorrect auto and default offset ratio value in certain cases

10.[BLM] Bad surface meshing quality for certain insert components

11.[Studio] Misaligned XY plot partially for Thickness distribution curves

12.[Studio] Inaccurate Fiber result display and part insert temperature distribution display for eDesign model

13.[Studio] No melt front animation display for Pin Movement during packing stage

User Interface

1.[CMX] Failure when setting multiple time step output for a copied run

2.[Studio] Potential of failure during model import with Auto Heal

3.[Studio] Improper independence between the model modification of different runs

4.[Studio] Failure when setting Compression Zone on STL model after displaying model thickness

5.[Studio] Dysfunctional Fill out-of-range (Color bar) on clipping surface

6.[Studio] Problem to export eDesign mesh model


Moldex3D provides a full version installation package that includes the newest version programs. The installation wizard will guide you to complete the installing procedures, and please close all the Moldex3D related programs before installation starts. For other product resource, please contact the local support.