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Release Note (See What's New in R17)

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Release Note of Moldex3D R17

Release Version: R17

Release Date: March, 2019


CoreTech continues to maintain and supply more stable programs for Moldex3D users. The major enhancements and bug fixes in this service pack are briefly listed as below:

Supported Platform

A.System Requirements




Windows / x86-64

Windows 10 series

Windows 8 series

Windows 7 series

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2016

Moldex3D R17 is certified for Windows 10


Linux / x86-64

CentOS 6 series

CentOS 7 series

RHEL 6 series

RHEL 7 series

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

Linux platform is used for calculation resource only. Moldex3D LM, Pre-processor and post-processor do not support Linux platform


B.Hardware Requirements



Intel®Core i7 processor




1 TB free space



Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 series




4 TB free space

Graphic Card

NVIDIA Quadro series

AMD Radeon series

Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080

Note: In order to increase calculation efficiency and stability, it is recommended to switch off Hyper-Threading under RC/DMP structure.

Module Update

[Studio] Enhanced Usability: One platform for all pre/post-processing and analysis

-Allow to go back modeling or meshing stage from an established project

-Allow to export selected object and add quick link to open the project file folder

-Add more option in preference setting such for on number format  and Language Pack download

-Allow saving and editing preference view option

-Allow Intuitive control for Color Bar position and range

-Allow Show/hide control in Display Window such for Melt Inlet/Coolant Inlet/Gate / Valve gate/ Sensor Node/Part IDs

[Studio] Molding Innovation: Expand capability for a variety of molding processes

-Support Powder Injection Molding (PIM) process simulation

-Support Co-injection Molding (CoIM) process simulation

-Support Bi-Injection Molding (BiIM) process simulation

-Support Compression Molding (CM) process simulation

-Support Injection Compression Molding (ICM) process simulation

-Support Foam Injection Molding (FIM) process simulation

-Support Chemical Foaming Molding (CFM) process simulation

-Support Water/Gas Assisted Injection Molding (WAIM/GAIM) process simulation

[Studio] New modeling capability (CAD/Meshing/Analysis)

-[Tool] Add Rotation function based on C plane in CAD tools

-[Tool] Add Model Scale function in CAD tools

-[Tool] Allow Compuplast MTC mesh file export

-[Mesh]Support Nastran BDF file of surface mesh import

-[Mesh] Add Extraction function in improve surface mesh tools

-[Computation] Support Optic analysis

-[Computation] Support venting BC setting and analysis


[Studio] New post-processing capability (Inspection/XY Plot/Compare)

-[Inspection] Add option to show contour and plane together with Slicing function

-[Inspection] Support result display with Iso-contour and customized display

-[Inspection] Allow adding Probe on clipping face and exporting data in CSV

-[XY Plot] Support History Curve of Crystallinity data and specific volume together with material PvT

-[XY Plot] Allow to draw History Curve using ram position and support both Probe and Sensor nodes

-[XY Plot] Enhance History Curve Wizard: Allow to add Probe in wizard; Support Group comparison across run; Support export result as CSV or JPG;  

-[XY Plot] Add function on XY Plot to launce setting wizard for XY Plot format and style

-[XY Plot] Support result distribution plot on thickness direction

-[XY Plot] Support Distribution Curve plotting using Probe group

-[Inspection] Support Clipping function on Auto-grid cooling system models

-[Warp] Support warpage result display with mold compensation setting

-[Warp] Support export function for different formats of deformed model and deformed model after mold compensation

-[Warp] Support Anchor Plane setting to enhance warpage result display

-[Compare] Support Compare function cross run/result/time in multiple window with flexible SYNC options

[Studio] Improved Performance

-[Project] Lighten project size and file number

-[Render] Enhance result display performance with lower computer resource usage (Air trap, velocity/fiber vector, Inspection tools etc.)

-[Render] Allow single color display on melt front result

-[CM] Support Compression Zone Wizard for compression model design

-[AHR] Support Pin Movement analysis and result display


Function Enhancements


1.[Flow] Enhance fiber/powder/filler concentration prediction in Flow analysis

2.[Flow][Machine] Consider Machine Response with data in machine calibration file (MMIP) together with Barrel Compression effect to enhance simulation accuracy.

3.[Cool] Output cooling in CSV channel data for evaluating mold temperature controller after Cool analysis

4.[3D CFD] Improve stream line calculation accuracy

5.[Fiber] Support full flow-fiber coupling to simulate orientation induced anisotropic viscosity and flow behavior.

6.[Fiber] Support fiber orientation analysis for flat fiber re-enforced material

7.[Stress] Support fiber orientation consideration in Annealing analysis

8.[FEA-I] Add initial stress output for FEA Interface

9.[PIM] Enable Extend Pack analysis in Cooling stage of Powder Injection Molding

10.[GAIM] Support Push-Back simulation in Gas-Assisted Injection Molding project

11.[CM] [ICM] Support result of Sink mark, Frozen ratio, Max. and Center Temperature for Compression Molding and Injection Compression Molding simulation

12.[FIM] Enhance Core-back process simulation with bubble convection consideration

13.[CFM] Add new foaming kinetics model: Modified Combined Model with Expansion Ratio

14.[RTM] Support multiple time step mold temperature setting in curing stage of RTM process

15.[RTM] Output outflow amount through venting area in solver log


1.[Runner] Enable Snap to edge function for gate with ejector pin

2.[Runner] Allow edit type for multiple joints at the same time

3.[Runner] Add new format for structural runner mesh: TunnelGate_Special with adjustable gate extension for D-shape gating

4.[Cooling] Update Cooling Channel Wizard for better workflow to choose template and modify parameters of cooling channel layout

5.[BLM] Support modify thickness tool for surface mesh model

6.[BLM] Allow to display and modify gate face BC if gate rebuild failed

7.[BLM] Enable hexa-based solid mesh as default meshing control setting

8.[BLM] Add option and parameter to ensure BLM and gate rebuild performance on part insert

9.[BLM] Improve Unfillet Wizard usability

10.[BLM] [ICM] Improve compression zone mesh generation with gate rebuild

11.[BLM][CM] Enhance Compression Zone mesh by enabling Tetra/BLM/Prism type element

12.[BLM] Enhanced default node seeding and support BLM offset ratio auto-adjustment

13.[eDesign] Support hexa-based runner mesh with eDesign meshing kernel for better accuracy

14.[Mesh][BLM] Allow more and adjustable number of BLM layers in Rhino platform

15.[Mesh][RTM] Improve RTM Wizard with solid mesh generation in group and LS-DYNA file mapping for ply orientation

16.[Mesh][IC] Allow quad elements and bump seeding control in Generate Encapsulation Solid Mesh function to reduce element

User Interface

1.[RC] Support Remote Computing with Microsoft MPI

2.[LM] Allow window size adjustment and overall progress display

3.[Material] Allow to search material by the filter of long fiber

4.[Material] Show material files version in Material Wizard

5.[Material] Improve Compare Material function for structure VE property with customized temperature range

6.[Process] Enhance usability of valve gate control setting by allowing directly select point in Display Window

7.[Computation] Compact temporary files in project right after analysis and provide preference options to adjust compact target.

8.[Report] Allow the customization of report format and content by tag

9.[API] Support valve gate control using API

10.[SYNC] Provide individual installation package with full solver and UI components

11.[SYNC] Support geometry check tool and remove bad face during mesh generation

12.[SYNC] Provide Report Wizard to quickly customize report content and format

Database Update

1.[Material] Update material database

39 thermoplastic materials are newly added

0 thermoset is newly added

6 material information is updated for properties including viscosity, PVT, specific heat and thermal conductivity

2.[Material] Add new PVT model: Modified Tait model (3)

3.[Material] Enhance material data consistency check kit to ensure modeling quality

4.[Machine] Update machine database

Add YIZUMI machines DP, D1, FF UN60-2600A5 and PAC-K series (444 totally)

Add new machines JSW J450T-450-53 and Hai Tian 470T-480-50 machines

5.[Machine] Enable Machine Interface

BAIFENG mold temperature controller for cooling setting

SUMITOMO NC-10 controller

Hwa Chin HC-Series 210SE machine with MX1-300 controller

Taichung Machinery machines VP1300R and 1800JESHS with V8800T and FOXNum controller

JSW J450T-450-53 and Hai Tian 470T-480-50 machines with JSW SYSCOM 5000i and Hai Tian Standard controllers


Moldex3D provides a full version installation package that includes the newest version programs. The installation wizard will guide you to complete the installing procedures, and please close all the Moldex3D related programs before installation starts. For other product resource, please contact the local support.