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Release Note (See What's New in R16)

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Release Note of Moldex3D R16

Release Version: R16

Release Date: March, 2018


CoreTech continues to maintain and supply more stable programs for Moldex3D users. The major enhancements and bug fixes in this service pack are briefly listed as below:


Supported Platform

A.System Requirements




Windows / x86-64

Windows 10 family

Windows 8 family

Windows 7 family

Windows Server 2008

Windows HPC Server 2008

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2016

Moldex3D R16 is certified for Windows 10


Linux / x86-64

CentOS 6 family

CentOS 7 family

RHEL 6 family

RHEL 7 family

SUSE Linux Enterprise

Server 11 SP2

Linux platform is used for calculation resource only. Moldex3D LM, Pre-processor and post-processor do not support Linux platform


B.Hardware Requirements



Intel® Core i7 processor




1 TB free space



Intel® Xeon® E5 processor*




2 TB free space

* Intel Xeon E5-1620 is recommended and utilized for official benchmark (with 4x8G RAM). This CPU has four memory channels with maximum memory bandwidth of 51.2 GB/s. Each core in this CPU has one memory channel and average memory bandwidth of 12.8GB/s.

Note: In order to increase calculation efficiency and stability, it is recommended to switch off Hyper-Threading under RC/DMP structure.


Function Enhancements


1.[Designer] Enhance modeling capability for advanced molding simulation

-[AHR] Support Auto-meshing for Pin Movement model defined by line elements

-[Cool] Support full mold model modeling with mold plate components

-[BLM] Improve meshing for connection defined with skew lines

2.[Designer] Enhance modeling tools for better performance and usability

-[Designer] Enhance L/t display on performance and usability

-[Designer] Improve data transfer for symmetry volume calculation

-[Designer] Support operation to copy, move and rotate mesh elements

-[Designer] Allow more flexible Edge gate setting

3.[BLM] Auto-adjust BLM offset ratio based on mesh size

4.[BLM] Enhance Hexa-based Runner and Cooling system mesh generation

-[BLM] Add new format for gate mesh: Fan gate

-[BLM] Add new format for runner mesh: Annular Joint (CirAnn_I), Sloped Annular Joint (CirAnn_Slope) , Lock Pin, Lapped runner, Orthogonal Joint (6Cir_Ortho)

-[BLM] Add new format for cooling channel mesh: Baffle, Bubbler

5.[BLM] Allow Non-matching mesh model between part and other components

-[BLM] Improve gate rebuild performance and allow non-matching topology

-[BLM] Allow non-matching mesh between solid mesh of part and cooling system

-[BLM] Allow non-matching mesh cooling system with mold insert and hot runner metal

6.[Material] Enhance Material Wizard with expanded database and usability

-[Material] Add Two domain modified Tait as new PvTC model

-[Material] Add Cross CastroMacosko Model (1) as the extended viscosity model

-[Material] Enhance Material Wizard Usability: Modify history, information resource, search window size

7.[Process] Expand Select Injection Machine database for real process approach

-[Process] Enable Maximum injection pressure in Simple mode

-[Process] Support Machine Interface for 百塑 machines

8.[Computation] Support Import Venting BC and fiber mat orientation (KPT) together with MFE



1.[Flow] Speed up simulation with shorter model-to-result time and resource

-[Flow] Enhance regular computing speed by up to 30 percentage

-[Flow] Add high speed analysis sequence of filling: Quick Flow

-[Cool] Support Non-matching mesh of insert and cooling system

2.[Flow] Support new generation viscoelastic Flow Solver

-[VE] Allow Coupled VE-Flow Analysis

-[VE] Support Multi mode of PTT model and Giesekus model for non-linear parameters of VE property

-[VE] Improve PTT model (Linear and Exponential) with Second Normal Stress Coefficient

3. [Flow] Enhance Flow solver capability for different user scenario

-[Flow] Support mixed modes for valve gate control

-[Flow] Output Clamping Force Centroid for mold balance evaluation

-[Flow] Allow valve gate to close automatically when melt front pass by

-[Flow] Allow time dependent pressure in air vent control

-[Flow] Allow resume terminated analysis under Machine mode

4.[Flow] Enhance crystalline simulation and result performance

-[Flow] Enable crystalline calculation by default

-[Flow] Enable Relative Crystallinity result shown with sensor node

5.[Pack] Enable more option for flexible Packing analysis setting

-[Pack] Support multiple time step output for extend pack

-[Pack] Add option to close all valve gates in the Packing stage end (EOP)

6.[Cool] Rename Melting Core (Cooling Result) with Molten Core

7.[Expert] Enable more option for flexible optimization analysis and task

-[Expert] Add option to stop all batch runs when one failed

-[Expert] DOE support matrix mode setting and analysis

-[Expert] Support optimization with PvT result of multiple sensor nodes

8.[AHR] Support Pin Movement simulation

-[AHR] Support Valve Pin open/close control

-[AHR] Support Pin Movement profile setting"


9.[WAIM] Support Push-back process in full-shot molding simulation

10.[BiIM/CoIM] Support Particle Tracer result for Bi-injection and Co-injection molding simulation

11. [CFM/FIM] Enable more simulation capability for Foaming process

-[CFM] Support Cell Size and Cell Density calculation

-[CFM] Support Mold Rotation simulation considering oscillating effect

-[FIM] Rename Microcellular Injection Molding (MuCell) with Foam Injection Molding (FIM)

12.[RTM] Enhance Model Preparation workflow for better usability

-[Mesh] Support RTM Wizard with interactive modeling function

-[Warp] Support Warp analysis with composite mechanical properties

13.[Stress] Enable loading boundary condition of force and pressure for Annealing and Post-mold Curing analysis



1.[Project] Enhance display and plotting capability of analysis result

-[Fiber] Improve sketch performance of Fiber result item

-[Cool] Allow to show node information on cooling channel by Selection

-[Project] Allow history curve plotting for result in different time steps

-[Project] Allow result plotting for thickness direction distribution with multiple time steps

-[Project] Support model rotation with local coordinate system

-[Project] Support clipping function together with warpage scale

-[Project] Allow select function applied to part insert nodes

2.[Project] Allow more flexibility for project management

-[Project] Preserve remark for copied or exported run

-[Project] Add option to show/hide run remark with XY Curve result

-[Project] Allow rename when exporting run as a new project

-[Project] Merge eDesign project (MVJ) into Solid (M3J)

3.[Project] Improve post-processing capability for Optics simulation

-[Optics]Apply nm for Retardation result of Optics analysis

-[Optics] Support Clip, Slicing and Isosurface function for Optics result items

4.[Report] Add customized summary page in PPT report

5.[FEA] Support 3D to Shell data mapping for ABAQUS solver

6.[RC] Improve project management for Remote Computing

-[RC]Allow Computing Manager to output History results

-[License] Enhance username management

7.[SYNC] Support Part Designer (PD) license for light version functionality

8.[SYNC] Renew UI with associated CAD style

-[SYNC] Include style of NX, Creo and SolidWorks

-[SYNC] Include UI of Parting Direction, Symmetry Ratio, Report Wizard, Modify Runner, Analysis, Plotting setting

9.[SYNC] Improve project setting workflow

-[SYNC] Add maximum injection pressure as process condition

-[SYNC] Allow to skip project type selection

10.[API] Enhance integration capability between Moldex3D solver and other interface

Module Update

1.[Studio] Enable more simulation capability on Moldex3D Studio (Beta)

Support more functions such for Multi-Component Molding and FEA Interface modules

Support result plotting of history curve with multiple time steps and allow to add label and adjust range in XY Plot

Support Cloud Computing and to launch Computing Manager before summiting jobs

Support different types of Space Mouse, screens and DPI scenario

2.[Studio] Enhance modeling and analysis usability on Moldex3D Studio (Beta)

Improve Model Tree function for better group, appearance and show/hide

Support multi-language UI (Language Packs) and unit system switch

Allow customized platform setting for user preference and keep the visualization configuration used last time

Support to place Max/Min value tooltips in display window

Allow to launch Material Wizard and Plot Kit individually

3.[Studio] Add more tools for better project management on Moldex3D Studio (Beta)

Add Animation Wizard to manage animation display and video generation

Utilize Probe Node to replace Measure Node and allow setting in both pre-processing and post-processing stage to display the local information of model and analysis result

Support Result Advisor and two-point distance measurement for better analysis interpretation

Allow to import different format CAD files in the same time when preparing model and allow to export as M3J file to continue the run setting in Project

Support multiple window for comparing different runs and results: Support sync of result items, legend range, view and snapshot (Hot key: Ctrl+P)

Allow run management with function to copy, delete, export and clear

4. [Studio] Improve post-processing performance on Moldex3D Studio (Beta)

Improve vector sketch efficiency for Fiber and Velocity result item

Add mark on color legend to show maximum and minimum values of result

Support to export PPT format report

Display scaled deformation for Warpage and Sink mark Result

Improve display efficiency on Clipping function

Display model thickness on part solid mesh entities

Database Update

1.[Material] Update material database

31 thermoplastic materials are newly added

0 thermoset is newly added

11 material information is updated for properties including viscosity, PVT, specific heat and thermal conductivity

2.[Process] Add new injection machine to Moldex3D Machine Databank

Billion (New added): 367 GM.HERCULE.SELECT series machine

Toshiba: 63 EC-S Major Specifications series machine

3.[Help] Enhance Help usability with new web style skin


Moldex3D provides a full version installation package that includes the newest version programs. The installation wizard will guide you to complete the installing procedures, and please close all the Moldex3D related programs before installation starts. For other product resource, please contact the local support.