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What's New

What’s New in R15.0

New Features

Change product name from Moldex3D eDesignSYNC to Moldex3D SYNC

Support boundary layer mesh(BLM)

Support ideal cooling simulation

Support auto checking adviser of the overlap between runner system and cavity


Change Product Name from Moldex3D eDesignSYNC to Moldex3D SYNC

According to the additional BLM kernel, we remove "eDesign" from eDesignSYNC since Moldex3D R15.0, and the name still remains as Moldex3D eDesignSYNC in the previous version.





Support Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM)

To upgrade the simulation performance, this is the first time that Moldex3D has supported BLM (boundary layer mesh) in the third-party software. In this announcement, BLM can be built automatically with the license of Solid Project and eDesign Advanced.  However, BLM should be generated with better geometry quality than eDesign mesh requires, so it could have problem when generating mesh with geometric defects. Users can fix the geometry with CAD tools and then generate the mesh again, or switch to the eDesign mode, although BLM mesh guarantees higher precision and accuracy.







Support Ideal Cooling Simulation

Moldex3D provide ideal cooling simulation for quickly complete analysis. Users can proceed the fully analysis without cooling system design, getting the result of warpage directly.





Support Auto Checking Adviser of the Overlap between Runner System and Cavity

In the previous versions, Moldex3D SYNC will check the geometry of runner and cavity automatically. For now, Moldex3D SYNC not only checks your model but also provides the suggestion further for resolving the problem in geometry.




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