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Warpage in injection molding is the result of unequal volumetric shrinkage of material throughout the geometry of the piece as it cools from a melt to a solid state. Variation of temperature and pressure will induce the variation of specific volume and density of polymer. These variations induce the warpage of injection-molded plastic’s part. There are a lot of factors affecting plastic’s part warpage, such as material selection, part design, mold design and processing.

Moldex3D Warp for shell model is the solver of warpage analysis for shell model. About 80% of plastic parts are thin shell ones. Therefore, the 2.5D analysis technology is widely used and becomes the main stream of the injection molding analysis. However, the warpage in injection molding contains complex 3D phenomena. Some 3D phenomena are difficult to be identified and studied by traditional 2.5D models. With the theory for the 3D solid elements, the analysts are able to solve complex three-dimensional solid mechanics problems. Therefore, Moldex3D Warp for solid model is developed for complex three-dimensional Solid model.

Warp for shell model and Warp for solid model are proved to be a powerful tool for the warpage studies and a cost-effective approach for related part/mold designers. For more detail information about Moldex3D Warp theory, please refer to Reference Manual.