Symmetry Settings

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Symmetry Settings

This section demonstrates how to set up a symmetry face; this feature applies to solid body runners only.


Right click the runner entity which you would like to set the symmetry face on. Click clip0102 to select your symmetry face.

Select the face and click OK to confirm.

A dialog for setting the symmetry ratio will pop up after selecting symmetry face, determine ratio and click OK to confirm.

The number of the ratio represents the actual number of cavities. For example, if the ratio is set as 1/2, it means that there are 2 cavities in the actual model.

The symmetry face in the model will be highlighted in green. Entities of symmetry face and symmetry ratio will appear in the tree menu; double click to edit the ratio or use delete button to delete.


? Note: We support symmetry condition on both axial symmetry model and geometry balanced runner system. For axial symmetry model, we support symmetry ratio from 1/2 to 1/10. (Please refer to the picture below) And for those multi-cavity models with geometry balanced runner system, we support symmetry ratio with 1/2 and 1/4.