Set Analysis in Moldex3D Project

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Set Analysis in Moldex3D Project

When Do Users Need to Set Analysis in Moldex3D Project?

Following table is the default settings of computation parameters in eDesign modules.

Users can change the default setting for advanced requirement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

eDesign Modules

Default Settings


1.   Solver: Standard/Enhanced (Mesh level 1: Standard; Mesh level 2-5: Enhanced)

Standard analysis (Selected)

2.   Multiple time steps output setting:

Filling: 0 (sec)

Packing: 0 (sec)

3.   Solver acceleration: ON

4.   Run fiber orientation analysis: ON, if fiber is contained


1.   Solver acceleration: ON


1.   Element type: Linear (Selected)

2.   Fiber-Reinforced material option: Only available if fiber is contained

Consider fiber orientation effect: ON if fiber orientation analysis in Fill/Pack is selected

Micro-Mechanism Model: Halpin-Tsai model

3.   Solver parameters:

Max. no. iteration: 50000

Convergence tolerance: 0.00005

4.   Remove runner in calculation: ON

5.   Solver acceleration: ON


How to Set Analysis in Moldex3D Project?

Choose the analysis option “Set in Moldex3D Project” on the Moldex3D Analysis Setup panel.

Click Analyze now and Moldex3D Project will start as below, and user can start to set up.

Go to Project Workspace, where all the settings are listed. Users can check all the parameters in Run data folder.


? Note: For more detail, please refer to the contents of Moldex3D Project online help “Tutorial/Set Computation Parameter”.