Set Advanced Process

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Set Advanced Process

Click Advanced… to open Moldex3D Possess Wizard to set detailed process settings.

In the interface below, there are Project Settings, Filling/Packing Setting, Cooling Setting and Summary.


Project Settings

In Project Setting, users can set Maximum injection pressure and Maximum packing pressure.

The default setting is CAE mode and users also can select Machine mode 1 or Machine mode 2.

? Note: Please consult the detail information in Moldex3D Project online help “Introduction to Process Wizard/ Project Settings Tab/ Machine Interface”


Filling/Packing Settings

Flow rate profile

Click Flow rate profile button to show Flow Rate Profile Setting menu. There are many supporting types and their availability depends on setting method in the Flow Rate Profile Setting. Click OK button to go back to Filling/Packing Settings tab. Click Capture button to copy the current window setting to Clipboard. Click Cancel button to discard all changes and return to Filling/Packing Settings tab. Users can adjust section number and directly input specified values in the table below. There are two setting methods supported in Profile type: stepwise and polyline. The following pictures illustrate the difference in adjusting the profile.




As for the AutoProfile, it helps users setup optimized ram profile. User must have a filling result before performing this function. The program will evaluate the optimized profile based on the run. This feature is available for solid, shell and eDesign models, but not supports GAIM, WAIM and Encapsulation modules.

Suppose a run (Run Number is 1) with filling and packing results is open. After clicking AutoProfile, the current run number is shown in the checkbox of Optimized profile from run. Then set Flow rate section number for Profile settings. Here, we set 3 sections. Click Suggested to view the optimized profile. Click OK to auto-generate profile according to the section number you set.

An optimized filing profile is generated.


Cooling Setting

Cooling Method

Two methods, General or Transient, are provided. Users can select the appropriate method per the need.


Initial Mold Temperature

Initial Mold Temperature is the applied overall moldbase temperature. It assumes the initial overall mold temperature to be uniform. However, if users specify transient cooling analysis, the mold temperature calculated from the transient cooling analysis will then be used as mold temperature. It’s generally non-uniform as a result.


Air Temperature

This value is the room temperature inside the shop.


Eject Temperature

This value is the user-specified part ejection temperature. This value is critical in estimating the required cooling time. This value should also be higher than the Mold Temperature.


Cooling Time

This value is the user-specified cooling time of the mold. The default value is 20 sec, but it is recommended to be modified according to the thickness of the part and cooling lines.


Mold-Open Time

The value is the mold open time required for mold open, part ejection and mold close.



In Summary tab, you can review setting parameters.

? Note: To know more information, please consult the contents of Moldex3D Project online help “Process Wizard” and its related chapters.