Runner Wizard

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Runner Wizard

Runner Wizard automates the runner system design process by automatically generating a knowledge built-in runner system. When designing the runner system, users have to set only gate location and dimension on the model, and the wizard will calculate proper runner sizes, shapes and layout. It also provides choices for users to specify runners, sprues, and drops, then creating a complete runner system. With the help of Runner Wizard, users can design runner systems more quickly and more efficiently.



You can start Runner Wizard command on the Moldex3D tab.

Then click the second button clip0113 to launch Runner Wizard.

?   Note: You should build a gate before running the wizard, or the Runner Wizard would be shown in gray and does not work.


Mold Setting

Click the Mold Setting tab. The explanation of each parameter is described below:

Runner Attribute: Select the runner attribute: hot runner or cold runner.

Parting direction: Parting direction is available in positive and negative XYZ directions.

Mold Plate Type: Select the mold plate type; there are 2-Plate mold and 3-Plate mold available.

Use: The wizard offers four methods to specify the position of main parting plane: Top of part, Bottom of part, Gate plane and Custom.

PL1: Define the main parting plane position. (Modify only in Custom using type)

PL2: Define the secondary parting plane position

PH: Distance between main parting plane and secondary parting plane



Sprue Settings

The Sprue Settings tab of the wizard is for specifying the sprue position, sprue length and sprue diameter. The explanation  of each parameter is described below:


Sprue Parameters

Select the sprue position from the drop down list. There are two options available: Center of gates and Custom.

Center of gates: Position the sprue at the center of gates.

Custom: Specify a custom sprue location. Please enter values for sprue location in the X, Y and Z text box; or left- click in the graphic window to specify desired sprue location.



Sprue Geometry Parameters


D1: Specify the diameter of sprue start.

D2: Specify the diameter of sprue end.

SH: Specify the length of sprue.

CL1: Specify the length of cold slug well.

CLD: Specify the diameter of cold slug well.

Use cold slug well: If users want to use the cold slug well for sprue, make sure this option is checked.



Runner Setting

Type: Define the cross section type of runners. There are Circular, Trapezoidal, Semicircular, and U-shaped available.

D: Specify the diameter of runner.

Use cold slug well: If users want to use the cold slug well for runner, make sure this option is selected.

CL2: Specify the length of cold slug well.

D3: Specify the diameter of drop start.

D4: Specify the diameter of drop end.



Extended Gate Parameters

In some specific locations, the runner setting has option to use extended gate, and specify the values of L (length) and D (Diameter) of the extended gate. Users can use extended gate function to avoid unreasonable runner creation.

Here is an example shown below: