Run Analysis

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Run Analysis

This section will lead you through the analysis setup in default settings. Before starting an analysis, please make sure all the injection molding components of the model are properly set.

After setting up all the components of the model, double click clip0041.

There are five sections in the Analysis Setup Dialog: Analysis, Process Condition, Project Setting, Mesh Level and Generate Report.



Choose the analysis process you would like to simulate from the pull down menu.

The available analysis processes are in accordance to your license.

Click Custom and Analysis Sequence Setting window will show up.

Name: Analysis name defined by users.

clip0042: Add to list

clip0043: Arrange sequence

In this section, Set Analysis in Moldex3D Project explains how to set parameters in Moldex3D Project.


Process Condition

Determine your basic process conditions. In this example, filling analysis is chosen; Only Filling time, Melt temperature and Mold temperature can be modified. In this section, Set Advanced Process shows how to set advanced parameters.


Mesh Level (eDesign mode only)

Users are able to choose a mesh level. The default mesh level is level 3; a higher mesh level means a denser and larger number of elements with better analysis accuracy. In this section, you can also choose to ensure enough mesh layers. This function will ensure enough mesh layers during the mesh generation process. This will make the simulation more accurate, but a larger number of mesh elements will be created. In this section, Mesh Level Control, there will be a more detailed explanation.

Project Setting  

Select a location where you would like to store analysis data folder and add remarks to your project.


Run Analysis and Batch Run

After all the molding parameters are set, users can select to run an analysis directly or add current setting to batch list as a new run. When users click Run Analysis, the analysis process will be activated directly. Nevertheless, if you want to analyze later, click Batch Run to add the current setting to pending list, and the batch run will be activated when users click Run Analysis.