Result Display Control

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Result Display Control

Display Setting

This function allows users to change the upper and lower limitation of displayed value. It helps users to examine specific range of results such as temperature or shear stress of the part.

Pull the slider to change the upper or lower limit and see how it changes the display in graphics window and color legend.

Check the item box to hide/show the color legend, part or runner.

Click Reset and the upper and lower limits will be set to default.

Result Density

According to fiber result display, this useful tools can modify the display density, and it makes more clear fiber orientation result for users.

Users can use the control bar to adjust the result density form coarse to fine.




Animation Tools

Animation tools controls the play speed and display step. It helps you inspect results during the filling process or at specific filling percentage both on post and XY Curve.

Animation tools support following results:

Melt Front Time

Melt Front Temperature

XY Curve


Open Animation Tools

Double click item in process result or XY Curve you want to play animation.

Or right click and select property on the short cut menu.



Current Steps

Adjust the value to change the melt front time display of filling result.


Display Speed

Change the playback speed of the animation.


Display Step

Click the arrow to enlarge or reduce the interval in percentage between two consecutive frames.



Click Play to display the filling animation.

The play button changes to Pause when playing.

Click Reset and the Current Steps will be set to default: 100.



Save the animation as file.


View Tools

Click a result item and check View Tools to enable view tools function.

There are three options, Clipping Function, Slicing Function, and Iso-surface Display


Clipping Function

Referring to the plane equation: aX + bY + cZ = d, user can specify each parameter to define the clipping plane.


Slicing Function

Referring to the plane equation: aX + bY + cZ = d, user can specify each parameter to define the slicing plane.



Iso-surface Display

User can use this feature to view a specific value of result by adjusting the color legend.



Save Animation as Files

Animation type

Select the format of the animation, AVI or GIF.


File Name

Enter the file name.


File Path

Specify the file path.


Time (sec)

Length of the animation.


Frames / sec

Define frames per second. The larger number makes smoother animation but longer processing time.


Range (%)

Select the filling percent to be recorded.


Save Animation as Files

Click Save Animation to generate animation.