Remote Computing Account Manager

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Remote Computing Account Manager

Remote Computing Account Manager (RC Account Manager) is for administrators to manage accounts, and to change the settings. This is an interface for administrators.


Open RC Account Manager

Go to Programs in Start menu and click Moldex3D or Moldex3D folder. Open remote computing folder and then click Moldex3D RC Account Manager (You need administrator’s authority to launch Moldex3D RC Account Manager). The status of the Moldex3D Job Service will be checked automatically right after launching RC Account Manager as shown below.


Use RC Account Manager Interface

This section introduces some main functions on the RC Account Manager interface.

RC Account Manager

Administrators can lookup account information as shown below. If the column of Enable is set to “Yes”, the account is allowed to log in by the Computing Manager. If the column of Enable is set to “No”, the account is not allowed to log in by the Computing Manager. The columns of UUID and CRC32 mean “universally uniquely identifiable information” and “checksum” of account.

Administrator can manage the accounts by clicking Create, Edit or Remove buttons.

Create New Account

If administrators want to create a new account, just click Create button as shown below. A dialog Create Account will pop up. Input account, password, e-mail (optional) and select Yes from the drop menu. Click OK, then the account will be added to the list. Note that the account created here has nothing to do with Windows account.


Edit Account

If administrators want to edit an existing account, just select the account from the list and click Edit button. A dialog Modify Account will pop up. After editing, click OK to confirm the modification.


Remove Account

Select the account from the list and then click Remove button.


Service Operation

Administrators can start/stop Job Service by clicking Start Service or Stop Service buttons as shown in following figures.

The button Service Configuration is for administrators to change the settings. This button only works when the service is stopped. The detailed configuration is shown in the following.

Scheduler Configuration

in the scheduler configuration, administrators need to input an available server name (or ip address) and port of job scheduler service. this information will be combined as a command line and be sent to the job scheduler service.


Windows Data Configuration

In the windows data configuration, administrators need to input a Windows account and a password. Besides, administrators are also required to set the path of Moldex3D and working folder. This information will be combined as a command line and be sent to the Job Scheduler Service.


Passive Port Range Configuration

Just like FTP protocol, Moldex3D Remote Computing creates additional link for data transfer between client and server in passive mode which means the server will open additional temporary port for client to connect for data transfer. If this option is set to No, then all available ports will be used for passive mode data transfer. You may set this option to Yes and restrict the port range that will be used for passive mode data transfer. This option is useful only for strict firewall management at the server side. If a narrow range of port is set and there are many clients connect to this server for data transfer, failure of data upload will occur frequently.

Mail Server Configuration (Optional)

In the mail server configuration, administrators can set up SMTP server name (or IP address), SMTP port number, security type, login ID, password and sender name for e-mail notification. The button Test is for administrators to check mail server configuration. A dialog “Mail Server Configuration” will pop up with message “Email Sending Success” and sender will receive a confirm email after click button Test. If the SMTP server is available, the email notification will be sent automatically to the email account of the job owner. Besides, administrators also can check “low disk space email notification” to set up email alerts for low disk space. When disk space dropped below a threshold (default is 5GB) it would send email alert to “email recipient” each several intervals (default is 60 min).


Job Cleaning Configuration

In the Job cleaning configuration, administrator can set up when to remove those jobs are downloaded or canceled for saving server’s disk space.  After the jobs are downloaded, these jobs on the server can be removed immediately or after specific days. Similarly, canceled jobs on the server can be removed after specific days or always kept.



When clicking Advanced button in Job Service Configuration, a dialog named “Advanced Setting” will pop up. This dialog allows administrator to modify servicing port of Job Service. The default port of Job Service is 10022.



The messages shown in this window record the information from operations.