Release Note

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Release Note

Version: Moldex3D SYNC R15.0 for PTC® Creo®

Last Update: March, 2017 


Support boundary layer mesh (BLM)

Support ideal cooling simulation

Support auto checking adviser of the overlap between runner system and cavity

Support Creo4.0



Change product name from Moldex3D eDesignSYNC to Moldex3D SYNC

Upgrade the solver for more result accuracy

Enhance the capability of mesh generation

Enhance the capability of remote computing operation

Change "Cooling time" as "Time to reach ejection temperature" in EOC results


Fixed Issues

Resolve the problem of process condition default

Resolve the remote computing error and improve the stability

Resolve the issue which generating mesh would lead to the CAD procedure be stuck


Known Issues

If users change the view of model when generating the report, the screen shot in the report can be changed

BLM mode doesn't support geometry runner, part insert and mold insert

Using a non-native CAD file may cause BLM generating failed

Closing the analysis monitor will intercept current analysis job