Quick Start Remote Computing

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Quick Start Remote Computing

This section will introduce the basic steps of setting up remote computing.

Before analysis, make sure your Job Scheduler is open on the compute node and the status is Online.

(Compute node is the machine that will be computing the analysis.)


Sever Setup and Job Submission

After preprocesses are finished, open Computing Setting dialogue and select the option of Computer manager in order to use remote computing.

Add a new sever as compute node, and enter server information.

? Note: the default Port is 10022.

Click OK to confirm your setting, and then click Analyze now…. The local machine will generate mesh and then submit job to remote machine to run the analysis.


Remote Computing and Downloading Analysis Result

While the analysis is running, users can check the status in Monitoring tab of Computing Manager.

Users can download analysis result by clicking “Download” after the job is finished. Users can also go to Option window then check the option of Auto-download finished job, the finished analysis result will be downloaded to client node automatically.

? Note: If users can’t connect with compute node or fail to compute, check the following settings.

1.Check remote computing server information is the same as compute node and client node.

2.The path of working folder must be the same for compute node and portal node in the Account Manager setting on the computing node.