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Pressure result shows the pressure distribution of the plastic at current time step.

From Pressure result, you can perform the following actions and modify design or analysis settings accordingly:


Examine the pressure transmission situation

Improperly sized runner, gates, and cavity thickness limit the transmission of injection pressure to the cavity. Such limitation may lead to short shot since the force that’s driving the plastic melt is the injection pressure.


Calculate runner system pressure drop

To calculate pressure drop in the runner system, first you need to know the maximum pressure with and without runner.


(Max. Pressure with Runner) - (Max. Pressure without Runner) = (Pressure Drop in Runner)


By default, the runner is shown in the graphics window. Therefore, the maximum pressure shown in the color legend is the Max. Pressure with Runner. Next click clip0028 in the Display Tools to hide the runner. The pressure values in the color legend will update instantaneously. Obtain the two different maximum pressure values and use above equation to solve for pressure drop in runner system.


Avoid overpacking and flash of melt

As mentioned previously, you can look for possible overpacking from Melt Front Time result. To predict overpacking more precisely, you can apply both Melt Front Time result and Pressure result.


Check the pressure value at the region that is likely to have overpacking. If the pressure is significantly higher than other region, the chance of that area having overpacking becomes higher.