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For user friendly, users can set languages, working folder path, license server, Moldex3D post-process tool, result items, and warning criterion in preference.



Users can use Language Setting to change the language. There are two ways users can choose, using English or synchronize with your CAD settings. Users can use Working Folder to change your project saving path, and the default path will be the same as Moldex3D project settings. After installation, SYNC will setup license automatically. If you would like to modify the license server, you can manually change the server IP address from the server list. Or click Add/Delete to setup/remove a new server. Lastly, users can switch the default post-process tools between Moldex3D Project and Moldex3D Viewer.


Result Option

In this tab, users can customize the result items of any sequence, and import/export the recording file. The function can help users to exchange/share their simulation results more easily.



For results checking friendly, SYNC provides users with the criterion tool. At first, users should create a new criterion, and choose the result items for setting criteria. The criterion can be imported/exported, and it helps users to check their simulation results more easily. Users can add several different criteria to the menu; it is more convenient for users who have more than one user to run the injection molding simulation in the same computer.