Post-processing Advanced Functions

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Post-processing Advanced Functions

When the analyses have been finished, users can right click the run for finding the advanced functions in drop down menu. Users can use the menu to run analysis, modify remark of runs, generate analysis report, view the result by another Moldex3D software, open the working folder and delete the current run.

Run Analysis

Users can use this function to modify the process condition and run the analysis again. The new analysis result will replace the previous one, so if you don’t want to miss the current run, please create a new one. Furthermore, users can’t change the mesh level when they recalculate it, because the mesh would NOT be recreated again.


Modify Remark

If you want add an remark for the current run, click Modify Remark and type the annotation in the popup window, then click Enter. The remark would be display as tips.


Generate Report

After analysis is finished, click Generate Report and type the customization information in the popup menu. If users change the view of model during the report generating, the pictures would be changed with that. So don’t move/rotate the view of model, it may cause unknown problems.


View in Moldex3D

Users can use the function to open the current project by Moldex3D main program or Moldex3D Viewer. Users can switch the setting in preference setting.


Open Working Folder

Users can open the project folder by this function. Users can determine the working folder path while process condition settings or they can modify it in preference setting as well.


Delete Current Result

If users want to delete the current result, click Delete Current Result, and this run would be deleted permanently.