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By grouping the cooling channels, it will be easier to manage the properties of cooling system. There are two ways to create the groups: you can create the groups manually, or use auto group function to automatically group the relevant cooling channels.


Create Group Manually

Right click clip0142 and click clip0146.

To add cooling channels in the newly created group, double click clip0147 and select lines or solid bodies to set up cooling channels in the group.


Auto Group

Once you have finished setting up the cooling channels, you can use “Auto Group” to manage your cooling channels. Auto group will make several channels, inlets and outlets in a group if they are attached together.

Right click clip0142 and select clip0148. The channels, inlets and outlets will be grouped as the figure shows.


Rearrange the Group

Click on the cooling component you want to move. You can select multiple components by holding down the Ctrl button as you select.

Drag the selected components into another Group directly.