Pack Function Overview

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Pack Function Overview

Basic Functions for Solid Model

The basic functions are as follows.

Capability: solving the packing-related problems. It can:

Help users evaluate that the process parameters (for example, the thickness of parts) affect the performance of packing/holding and the warpage behavior.

Help users measure the requirement of clamping force as the criteria for choosing machine size or modification of mold. It could minimize the requirement of clamping force to optimize the process.

Help users make effective design on the runner system to reduce the possibility of the warpage.

Help users as the guideline for the trouble-shooting to find out the reasons of warpage and/or overpacking.

Help users examine the suitable setting of packing/holding pressure, holding time, and the VP switching.

Help users evaluate the design parameters for the revision or optimization of design.

Result analysis: the analysis results can be viewed through the demonstration of field plot on Display Windows controlled by Project Workspace, and Display Toolbar, Animation plot controlled by Animation Toolbar, or it can be shown by XY Curve .