Entrace and Exit

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Entrace and Exit

This section demonstrates how to set up entrance and exit of existing cooling system and relating parameters such as temperature and flow rate of coolant.

To add an entrance or exit to the cooling system, firstly make sure that cooling channels are built. Right click clip0142 to call out the operation list of cooling system.


Add Entrance or Exit Manually

Click Add entrance or Add exit on the list.

Select the end face of cooling channel and click OK to confirm.

The entrance (inlet) will appear in the component tree. Right click on a cooling channel entity and click clip0175 for advanced settings

In this dialog, you can modify the temperature, flow rate and coolant.

You can also unify the settings of all the cooling channels. Right click clip0142 and click clip0175, you can change the properties of all the cooling channels at once.


Add Entrance or Exit Automatically

After setting up cooling channels, right click image048on the tree menu and locate Auto Cooling Entrance\Exit function

Auto cooling entrance\exit helps users add cooling entrance\exit automatically

Select a Coolant entrance or Coolant exit shown in the dialog and click on image051 to invert coolant entrance or exit. At the same time, the corresponding entrance or exit is inverted as well and both of the Coolant entrance and Coolant exit is highlighted


 Click OK to confirm your setting

? Note: If the cooling channel has multiple entrance or exit, you can only invert the selected entrance r exit and the rest of entrance or exit will not be inverted.