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Moldex3D SYNC 2022 for NX 

Navigation: 1. Getting Started

2. Installation Guide

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Before performing installation, make sure you have installed NX.

Please insert the installation CD into your computer. The installation wizard will start automatically.

After installation is finished, a proper authorization license is required to perform SYNC

Note: If the installation wizard doesn't start automatically, please execute Setup.exe manually.


1.Click Next to continue.

2.Please review the End User License Agreement. Click Yes to accept the agreement and continue.

3.Moldex3D SYNC for NX will be installed automatically into the Moldex3D SYNC folder, or you can click Change to choose a different directory.

4.Please click Install to begin installation. The install wizard is now copying files onto your computer. It will take several minutes.

5.After finishing copying the required files, please click Finish to complete the installation process.

6.By clicking Setup.exe again, users can also modify the current installation status.