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Moldex3D Help 2022

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Moldex3D 2022 R3 Release

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Function Enhancements

Solver Capability & Database

1.[Material] Update material database

-10 materials are updated for property information
PA(5), PBT(1), PEEK(1), PMMA(1), POM(1), POLYBEND(1)

1.[API] Register Studio automatically for API during installation

2.[Studio] Improve weld line defect display such for show/hide control

Bug Fixing

Solver Capability & Database

1.[Material] [Cool] Incorrect density data in certain material files causing abnormal cooling analysis result

2.[Flow] Hot runner temperature result inconsistent with process condition setting for setting controller temperature lower than melt temperature

3.[Pack] Risk of diverging analysis at EOP for cases with multiple valve gates under parallel computing (Fixed in R2 Patch1)

4.[Pack] Abnormal volumetric shrinkage near gates for certain cases with  SPS on

5.[Cool] [CM] Incorrect consideration of charge initial condition affecting moldbase temperature distribution

Project Management & Usability

1.[DOE] Format issue in process file created through DOE and affect analysis

2.[API] Problem to use Adcan occur dRun() for run number over 99

3.[API] Problem to use ExportResultCSV() for fiber orientation results

4.[API] Problem to use GenDefaultProcess() on runs already assigned with PRO

5.[API] Limitation of Studio API to modify section number and support profile value 100% for Process Setting

Pre-processor and Integration

1.[CAD] Crash occurs when reading MDG files with incorrect geometry data (Fixed in R2 Patch1)

-MDG reader to transfer incorrect data so Studio can successfully read the issued files

-MDG generator to ensure files created with correct face and curve data

2.[Wizard] Abnormal performance of Adjust Gate Range function in some specific cases

3.[Mesh] Abnormal performance for meshing on Lapped Edge Gate in some specific cases

4.[Mesh] Progress hang can occur during eDesign meshing for cases with large element count

5.[Mesh] Progress hang may occur during mesh generation for cases with lots features on moldbase model

6.[Mesh] Assort stability issues for certain cases that can cause crash during mold plate seeding, mesh generation and gate rebuild

Known Issues

License Management

1.[LM] License check-out due to server disconnection will accidentally occupy additional license seats after reconnected

-Please use Correcting function after check-in in License Agent to release the occupancy


Moldex3D provides a full version installation package that includes the newest version programs. The installation wizard will guide you to complete the installing procedures, and please close all the Moldex3D related programs before installation starts. For other product resource, please contact the local support.