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Moldex3D Help 2022

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Moldex3D 2022 R2 Release

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Function Enhancements

Solver Capability & Database

1.[Material] Update material database

-54 thermoplastic materials are newly added
ABS(2), PBT(21), PC(8), PC+ABS(3), POLYBLEND(3), PP(11), PA(6)

-6 material are updated for property information
ABS(2), PC+ABS(1), PC(3)

-7 materials are removed from Material Bank
PP(3), SEBS(4)

Bug Fixing

Solver Capability & Database

1.[Cool] Unreasonable heat transfer due to dysfunctional heat conduction BC for certain cases with non-matching mesh

2.[Fiber] Incorrect Fiber Concentration prediction due to incorrect material data reading

3.[Optics] Incorrect surface normal for Optics BC set on the interface of Part and Compression Zone, causing problem to output Refractive Index data

Project Management & Usability

1.[Studio] Missing content in report for Machine Interface UI

2.[Studio] Missing process condition for Heating Rod added through model modification after Final Check

Pre-processor and Integration

1.[Wizard] [Wizard] Incorrect result of Final Check for cooling system having Probe node assigned on moldbase

2.[Wizard] Problem to snap to circle center when assigning gate

3.[Wizard] Problem to set symmetry for annular cross-section runner

4.[Wizard] Crash may occur when checking Baffle/Bubbler connection

5.[Wizard] No warning and auto-fixing for Sensor node not assigned on mesh node

6.[Mesh] Hidden surface mesh mistakenly selected by Invert selection during mesh fixing

7.[Mesh] Crash during solid mesh generation for runner system for a specific case

8.[Mesh] Model display problem when using zoom-in for bad Aspect Ratio in certain cases

9.[Mesh] No gating area marked out on model when gate rebuild failed

10.[Mesh] Failure to create mesh for cooling system with specific Baffle design

11.[Mesh] Crash can occur when generating surface mesh for element size lots smaller compared to model size

12.[Mesh] Unclear message for meshing failure due to high curvature gate design


Moldex3D provides a full version installation package that includes the newest version programs. The installation wizard will guide you to complete the installing procedures, and please close all the Moldex3D related programs before installation starts. For other product resource, please contact the local support.