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Moldex3D Help 2022

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Moldex3D 2022 R1 Release

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Package Update

1.[Warp] Remove Mechanics add-on and include its functions into Warp as standard functions

-Include Buckling analysis (2021) and Non-linear Warp analysis (2022)

2.[Plastification] Add Plastification add-on with its new functions

-Additional license required to enable the corresponding functions

Function Enhancements

Solver Capability & Database

1.[RC] Job Scheduler support calculation with older version solvers

-Computing Manager add information section of server version and supported version

2.[RC] Job Scheduler supports Open SSH file transfer configuration

3.[RC] Provide Moldex3D Azure-Connect setup package

-Users can quickly arrange Moldex3D computing nodes on Azure

-Azure VPN enables calculation through users’ own LM server

4.[Linux] Enhance Linux solver with more comprehensive capability

-Supports Shell Solver

-Support Mold Deformation, Paddle Shift and Wire Sweep analysis sequence

-Improve calculation on both speed and stability

5.[Linux] [LM] Allow license server on Linux platform

-Provide tool for Export Machine Information to create MIF file

-Provide MDX3DLicenseAdmin tool on Linux platform

6.[Material] Update material database

-132 thermoplastic materials are newly added
LCP(1), PA(114), PC+ABS(1), POLYBLEND(2), PBT(12), POM(1), PPS(1)

-2 material information is updated for properties including viscosity, PVT, specific heat and thermal conductivity

7.[Machine] Update Moldex3D Machine Bank

-Add machine maker of BMB (299 machines)

-Add machine maker of Tederic (1 machine)

8.[Machine] Support more Machine Interface in Moldex3D Machine Bank

-Wittmann controller of Wittmann Battenfeld machines

-Electric, Hongxun and KEBA controllers of Tederic machines

-Dual and Dualrear controllers of SUMITOMO machines

-F200HE controller of TOYO machines

-FANUC-B_10-Sections_CN controller of FANUC machines
(Simplified Chinese UI of FANUC-B_10-Sections)

-FCS-6500S controller of FCS machines

9.[Barrel] Support Fast Plastification (Fast PL) simulation inside the barrel

-Add advanced process parameters for process setting inside barrel and coupled with screw data in Machine Bank

-Predict solid bed ratio to see if material is fully molten

-Predict time required for plastification and the temperature rise in nozzle and barrel

10.[Flow] Add more simulation options for injection machine settings

-Extend Injection Response Time simulation to CAE mode

-Add option to control VP-Switch by control point pressure

-Support Suck Back simulation in Machine mode without need of Machine Interface

11.[Flow] Enhance accuracy of Flow behavior simulation

-Improve valve gate control and compressing switch to better approach use setting

-Improve predicted result of flow through non-matching mesh faces

12.[Warp] Upgrade Enhanced Warp solver on crystallization material Simulation

13.[Warp] [Stress] Speed up calculation for Warp/Stress analysis

-Up to 25% time saving in Enhanced Warp calculation

-Up to 40% time saving in Annealing/Post Curing calculation

14.[Stress] [Optics] Improve Annealing analysis and prediction accuracy

15.[FEA-I] Enhance mapping performance to fit different outputs and attributes

16.[MMI] Support NX Nastran in Micro-Mechanic Interface

-Export data such as fiber orientation to NX Nastran

-Export mesh with fiber analysis result for Simcenter to project and run structure analysis

17.[Warp] Support advanced output for Enhanced Warp

-Fiber orientation effect displacement and differential temperature and shrinkage effect displacement

18.[Warp] Support Non-linear Warp analysis

-Enable Warp analysis considering geometry non-linear

-Support high level Quadratic Element for better resolution

-Add out-of-core computation for more computer capacity

19.[CoIM] [BiIM] Support Fiber Orientation analysis for Co-Injection & Bi-Injection Molding

20.[IC] Improve Dispensing Related Process Simulation (behavior under different viscosity)




Project Management & Usability

1.[Studio] Support user-defined result item

-Allow more options of result display setting

-Support with Result List and Report Generation

2.[Studio] Add more Inspection and Measurement functions

-Radius of Curvature tool to measure the radius of target curvature

-Measuring Face tool for the measurement result on selected faces

-More Functions with UCS (User Coordinate System)

-Add filter for Particle Tracer results for better tracing melt flow

3.[Studio] Enhance capability of Report Wizard

-Enable run comparison in Report Wizard (up to 4 runs)

-Add result note (added in result tree) in report generation

-Support user-defined Molding Process Sheet template

4.[Studio] Add more wizard tools for simulation run management

-Support batch runs submission from Studio

-Support detailed run summary with comparison between runs

5.[Studio] [Shell] Support Shell model simulation on Studio for quick design workflow

-Support user setting of thickness through Modify Thickness Wizard

-Support full modeling tools for runner and cooling system

6.[Studio] [API] Support API for Studio to automate Studio application

-Run a Script in Studio to do tasks automatically

7.[Studio] [DOE] Enhance DOE Wizard with more analysis capabilities

8.[Studio] [CM] [Fiber] Support SMC process simulation in Studio

-Support Full Factorial Design Parallel Coordinates Plot

-More result display in DOE run summary together

-Alignment and UCS setting for defining quality factor

-Local measurement items as quality factor

-Support Shell model and Linux solver for high performance computing

9.[RTM] Support Wet RTM process simulation

10.[CM] [Fiber] [Studio] Support SMC process simulation in Studio

11.[SYNC] Enhance Design Parameter Study (DPS) optimization tool

-More DPS capabilities and better usability workflow

-View study result directly on web page

-Integrate DPS Workflow with HEEDS and SYNC for NX

12.[SYNC] Add more pre-processing and post-processing tools

-Support Gate Wizard and model thickness display

-Support scaled warpage and part insert result display

13.[SYNC] Enhance usability for project management

-Provide wizard and indicator tools right under project tree

-Improved ribbon and project tree design to support more functions

14.[SYNC] Enhance sDFM function workflow and usability

15.[SYNC] Support Reaction Injection Molding (thermo-set) simulation

16.[SYNC NX] Provide interface to create runner with NX MoldWizard

17.[SYNC] [3D CFD] Support 3D Coolant CFD analysis

18.[SYNC] [Fiber] Add interface to export fiber orientation data for NX

Pre-processor and Integration

1.[Wizard] Upgrade Runner/Gate Wizard

-Upgrade with new design of wizard interface

-Enhance performance of Baffle/Bubbler modeling: Automatically adjust model orientation based on coolant flow direction

-Support annular runner model with both Brep and line-defined objects connected to each other

2.[Wizard] Add more runner and gate design types

-Film Gate (Hexa-based mesh recommended)

-Two-sectional Pin Gate and Cashew Gate

-Hexagon cross-section (Hexa-based mesh only)

-Add option to locate with Center Line for rectangle channel

3.[Wizard] Add 7 new cooling channel templates in Layout Wizard

4.[Wizard] Enhance Cooling Channel and Moldbase Wizard

-Add more preference options to control automatic moldbase mesh generation

-Allow Melt Inlet attaching to moldbase boundary

-Refined mesh layer on flow direction in cooling channels

5.[CAD] Improve CAD reader and processing kernel

-Enhance solid Boolean and project calculation

-Support reading Creo file format of *.part.*, *.asm, and *.asm.* and CATIA V5 file format of *.CATProduct

6.[CAD] Enhance Geometry Check tool

-Enhance Geometry Check browser: show/hide, group and user specified criteria

-Add geometry check item of Sharp Face Angle

7.[CAD] Add more CAD tools: Rectangle and Array

8.[CAD] Enhance Conformal Cooling Wizard

-Add tool creating spiral curve

-Add tools to create perpendicular lines between curves

-Add CAD tool transferring line-defined channels to true 3D

9.[Mesh] Enhance meshing capability for better surface mesh quality

-Enable user-specified setting of advanced mesh parameters mesh quality fine-tune

-Refined Non-matching mesh quality for AHR models

10.[Mesh] Upgrade Moldex3D Mesh for Rhino 7 integration

11.[CM] [CAD & Mesh] Enhance modeling workflow for Compression Molding

-Allow Compression Zone created from multiple moving surface BCs

-Allow surface mesh modifying before solid mesh generation for Compression Zone

-Improve meshing specifically for undercut feature (Not support Prism)

-Improve meshing specifically for side wall geometry

12.[IC] [CAD & Mesh] Upgrade IC Wizard for Auto Hybrid Mesh

-Allow local seeding adjustment and surface mesh modification for more customized meshing performance

-Allow IC component creation by selecting faces for better usability

13.[IC] Add more modeling functions for better usability and model quality

-Enable fast creation of large number bumps in Component Wizard using data in CSV

-Surface mesh tools: Create Face Mesh, Quad to Tri and Combine


Moldex3D provides a full version installation package that includes the newest version programs. The installation wizard will guide you to complete the installing procedures, and please close all the Moldex3D related programs before installation starts. For other product resource, please contact the local support.