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Moldex3D Help 2022

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1. Analysis Log

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This manual is prepared to provide in-depth information for experienced Moldex3D users. In this manual, Moldex3D simulation results of log file, includes filling, packing, cooling, warpage will be interpreted.

Analysis log

If transient cooling is selected for analysis, the following line will be displayed in *.lgf.

User Interface_Post-processing_Result Interpretations_Analysis Log.files_image001

The following message means program is transferring finite element mesh files for finite volume computing.

User Interface_Post-processing_Result Interpretations_Analysis Log.files_image002

MFV stands for mesh file for finite volume

User Interface_Post-processing_Result Interpretations_Analysis Log.files_image003

Where to open the log files?

The log files will be created after simulations are completed. It can be opened either via Analysis -> View Log (as the first figure below), or right click on Project Working Space -> View Log(as the second figure below).


hmtoggle_plus0 Filling (*.lgf)

hmtoggle_plus0 Packing (*.lgp)

hmtoggle_plus0 Cooling (*.lgc)

hmtoggle_plus0 Warpage(*.lgw)