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Moldex3D 2021 R4 Release

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Moldex3D 2021 R4 Release

New Enhancements

Solver & Database

1.[Material] Update material database

-77 thermoplastic materials are newly added
PA(34), PBT(17), PC(1), PETG(2), POLYBLEND(3), POM(2), PP(3), PPS(2), SEBS(3), TPE(10)

-55 material information is updated for properties including viscosity, PVT, specific heat and thermal conductivity

-47 thermoplastic materials are removed from Material Bank  

2.[Flow] [Material] Improve solver correction of material data during Flow analysis

3.[Studio] Enhance Studio usability for better project management

-Support Studio to open newer version projects (e.g., project once opened in 2022 or newer version Studio)

-Modify default analysis sequence option based on cooling model

-Provide warning for Warpage results without mold components in model



Bug Fixing

Solver & Database

1.[RC] Incorrect task number limit when submitting job to computing nodes mixed with different core number machines (R3 Patch1)

2.[Process] Problem to control Multi Valve Gate by node id in certain cases with 32 cores HPC

3.[Flow] [Machine] Problem to calculate projects with both machine response data (mmip) and 3D barrel analysis enabled (R3 Patch1)

4.[Pack] Incorrect Part Weight Deviation calculation can occur when used to estimate gate freeze time (R3 Patch1)

5.[Pack] Unreasonable pressure for certain valve gate cases at the end of extend packing

6.[Warp] eDesign model has different consideration than Solid on Pack output for Enhance Warp solver

7.[FEA I] Crash while export data to some mesh models with large element number

8.[RTM] [Process] Problem to set sequential inlet control

9.[3D Cool] Potential to diverge when cooling system having multiple inlet/outlet per cooling channel

10.[Warp] Improper Core-out area consideration of Warpage analysis


Mesh & Pre-processing

1.[CAD] Problem to control Rotate Objects on Cplane by user specified angle

2.[Wizard] Problem to assign cashew and ejector type gates on cylinder shape geometry

3.[Wizard] Crash when modifying Tunnel gate setting with ejector pin with too large angle (T) value

4.[Wizard] Crash if launching Gate Location Advisor when gate already assigned on model

5.[Wizard] inconsistent setting of cold slug parameters when changing type in Runner Wizard

6.[Mesh] Coplane joint type can cause connection problem and solid mesh generation failure

7.[Mesh] Potential to crash when generating IC Auto hybrid mesh

8.[Mesh] Crash or Problem to assign Melt Entrance BC on runner by selecting face after launching Melt Entrance Wizard

9.[Mesh] Wrong BC data transport for a specific mesh file from HyperMeshe

10.[Mesh] Missing elements can occur near component contact face for eDesign mesh generation

11.[Mesh] Mesh generation failure for a specific U shape runner model

12.[Mesh] Missing lock pin can occur after mesh generation

13.[Mesh] Assort stability issues during mesh generation for specific cases of runner system design

14.[Mesh] Crash can occur when generating surface/solid mesh of a specific models

15.[Mesh] Missing Melt Entrance BC if assigned on surface mesh inlet before solid mesh generation

16.[Mesh] Strange node selection in project nodes tool


UI & Post-processing

1.[Studio] Stability issues (Crash) in Studio

2.[Studio] Incorrect Export Run result with extra Distance data

3.[Studio] Assort display issue for XY Curve in Studio

4.[Studio] Display issues when checking Gate Contribution result with other functions

5.[Studio] Different part insert plies but having Ply Orientation setting in the same BC group

6.[Studio] Assort translation issues for simplified Chinese UI

7.[Studio] problem to Hot Runner Controller parameter in Computation Parameter when modifying a copied run

8.[Studio] Missing model file when the run copied with saved MDG but without Final Check

9.[Studio] Dysfunctional undo if surface mesh deleted through a specific operations

10.[Project] Problem to export Roundness data (xls) from Project with Clipping launched (R3 Patch1)



Moldex3D provides a full version installation package that includes the newest version programs. The installation wizard will guide you to complete the installing procedures, and please close all the Moldex3D related programs before installation starts. For other product resource, please contact the local support.