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Moldex3D 2021 R2 Release

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Moldex3D 2021 R2 Release

New Enhancements

Solvers Capability

1.[Material] Update material database

-63 thermoplastic materials are newly added
ABS(1), PA(40), PC+ABS(1), PEEK(1), POLYBLEND(1), POM(4), PP(8), PPS(1), TPE(6)

-2 material information is updated for properties including viscosity, PVT, specific heat and thermal conductivity  

Bug Fixing

Solver & Database

1.[Pack] SPS provides too low shrinkage result

2.[Warp] Enhanced Warp provides over-estimated warpage result

3.[CFM] Solver divergence may occur with large pressure difference between venting and cavity

4.[CM] [Fiber] irrational melt front results with fiber coupling analysis enabled

5.[IC] Pressure at melt entrance is not matched with curing setting after VP switch in certain cases

Mesh & Pre-processing

1.[AHR] Problem to calculate with Pin Movement model from Moldex3D Mesh (Rhino)

2.[Studio] Missing cooling channels  created by Conformal Cooling Wizard in certain cases

3.[Mesh] Failed to generate hexa-based cooling channel mesh for bubbler with certain dimension

4.[BLM] [IC] Unnecessary mesh refine  near overflow component after Auto Hybrid mesh generation

5.[Studio] Problem to assign Open Space BC

6.[BLM] Potential to crash when modifying layer number with the specific Hybrid IC models of MDG

7.[Designer] Wrong valve gate ID attribution to cause solver divergence

8.[Mesh] Lots element can be  removed mistakenly when repeating between functions of Merge Fillet and Undo

UI & Post-processing

1.[Studio] MFE file can be overwritten by mesh model modified in another run

2.[Studio] missing water filling part in exported WAIM Time Series video

3.[Viewer] [Help] Help launched by Viewer is in wrong version (2020)

4.[Studio] Too slow for Studio to open some IC projects with large amount of mesh elements

5.[Studio] Attributed component without mesh may still pass Final Check

6.[Studio] Render issue of Particle Tracer due to incorrect color bar range

7.[Studio] Slow to pop up the splash screen when Studio launched

8.[Studio] Studio crash may occur in when modifying a finalized mesh model in certain cases

9.[Studio] Studio crash may occur while cleaning result with history curve opened

10.[Studio] Some component names on Model Tree are not changed with language switch

11.[Material] Problem to see moldbase material in user bank

12.[Designer] Problem to save MDG file in older version

Known Issues

Solver & Database

1.[CM] Solver may crash by consuming too many memory with thin but large model

2.[CoIM] Setting by Ram position is not supported in CoIM projects

3.[Cool] Process simulation can neglect Cool setting for advanced hot runner

4.[Mechanics] Problem for Buckling analysis to converge in certain cases

UI & Post-processing

1.[SYNC] Problem to generate BLM mesh through CADdoctor on Creo7.0 platform

2.[SYNC] Security Warning of unknown resource appears when Creo7 launched with Moldex3D SYNC installed

3.[SYNC] Too long time for BLM generation with CADdoctor function

4.[Studio] [Mechanics] Improper result range of Buckling Shape calculated with Anchor Plane


Moldex3D provides a full version installation package that includes the newest version programs. The installation wizard will guide you to complete the installing procedures, and please close all the Moldex3D related programs before installation starts. For other product resource, please contact the local support.