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Moldex3D Help 2021

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1. Function Overview

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Moldex3D IC Packaging module is a 3D CAE technology that helps designers to analyze the difference IC package processes.

In Transfer Molding and Molded Underfill, Moldex3D IC Packaging could analyze void, weld line, the curing rate of thermosets, flow pattern, and conversion rate; through the post process results, phenomena of warpage, wire sweep and paddle shift can be investigated.

In Capillary Underfill, simulation of capillary flow, which is influenced by the surface tension of encapsulate and the contact angle among encapsulate, bumps and substrate of dispensing process for capillary underfill can be performed. The Moldex3D IC Packaging module can predict the locations of voids in underfill process by assigning real dispensing procedures properly.

In Compression Molding / Embedded Wafer Level Package / No Flow Underfill / Non Conductive Paste, Moldex3D IC Packaging could analyze void, weld line and flow pattern.

Note that Moldex3D IC Packaging supports Solid and eDesign (Transfer Molding only) mesh model.

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The applications of Moldex3D IC Packaging