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Moldex3D Help 2021

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1. Pre-processing

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Moldex3D Bi-Injection supports solid mesh project only. The procedures in pre-processing stage for Moldex3D Bi-Injection module are similar to those for basic modules:

Step 1: Create a mesh model

Step 2: Create a new project

Step 3: Create a new run

Step 4: Run analysis

In the following, it lists special setup instructions in some particular steps.

Generate Mesh

The pre-processing procedure of mesh making is the same as setting the conventional injection molding.  Bi-injection molding needs to define a second set of melt entrance(s).  The two materials are applied with separate injection controls so individual processing condition is needed while setting up the process wizard.

Module Introduction_Solution Add-Ons_Bi-Injection_Pre-processing.files_image001

Mesh generation setting