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Moldex3D Help 2021

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8. Customized and Intuitive Control of Color Legend

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Moldex3D Studio is an integrated analytics platform. Through the Ribbon intuitive interface operation, users can perform all simulation work on one platform. The clear button design allows the model grid to be quickly completed and modified, and then calculated by the solver, and the results can be displayed directly on the screen.In addition, Moldex3D Studio enhances the usability of Color Legend. The functions are as follows:

1.User can modify the value as double click legend upper and lower limits.

2.User can pull the range display directly on the Legend.

3.When the mouse is moved to the Legend, a series of function buttons will appear (originally on the results tab)

4.Color Legend can be placed on the left or right side of the screen.

On Moldex3D Studio, Users can manually edit Color Legend directly, which is very helpful for the presentation and discussion of the analysis results. Please refer to the following examples for the operation steps.

Step 1: Switch to a result item inMoldex3D Studio,and the color legend is one the side in Display Window.

Step 2: The defaults of upper and lower limit of color bar are the Max/Min values of the current result display. There are two ways to adjust Max/Min value directly on the color bar for better observation of specific purpose.

Click and drag the black triangle mark to narrow down the color distribution (upper limit below), and the part with out-of-range result value will become empty.

Double click on the limit value (lower limit below) to modify it, and both the color bar and distribution will update based on the new limit. The Max/Min marks (red and blue) will stay at the same value for the current result.

Step 3: Move the cursor onto Color bar to enable the toolbar for customization options:

Move: click and the color bar will show a dotted box indicating that it can be moved. Click on the color bar and drag it from left to right in Display Window (Note: When the Tree is folded, the Legend placed on the left will also move)

Fixed Range: Click to fix the range of color legend or, otherwise, the range will vary through different time steps for different Max/Min values.

Reset display range: Reset all color bar option setting from customized to default.

Fill Out-Of-Range: click to fill the area with color of Max/Min if the result value is out of the current legend range. Otherwise, the area will show no color if this option disabled.

Inverse Legend Color: click to Inverse the legend color

Banded Distribution: click switch color distribution from continuous to banded style

The Color Legend of Moldex3D Studio is intuitively designed to help users smoothly and manually edit Color Legend directly, which is helpful for the presentation and discussion of analysis results.