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Moldex3D Help 2021

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4. Legend

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For better convenience when analyzing simulation results, on the right of Display window, it provides, from top to bottom respectively, run name, result item, time step, unit, color legend or bar, current view setting, global axis, Moldex3D Logo and scale.

Color Bar

Pull the bar in the bottom to adjust the display range and color of the current field plot. It also allows directly enter the upper and lower limit of display range, and the render legend on the side will be updated. There are several options on top for user to customize for different performance as need:

Display banded distribution: Switch color range between banded and continuous distribution.

Inverse legend color: Inverse the legend color distribution.

Fill out-of-range: Fill the region with legend color associated to upper and lower limit if the value is out of range

Reset color range: Reset the upper and lower limit of color legend as default.

Fixed Range: Enable to lock the max. and min. limit of color bar when showing different stage results.

Move: Enable to shift the color bar between the right and left of Display Window

Setting: Open dialog to set how many sections the color bar to be divided.