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Moldex3D Help 2021

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2. Run File

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Launching Moldex3D Studio, there will be only Home tab in the beginning with two icons: New Run and Open File. When a run created or a file opened, there will be more tabs and icons based on the run setting progress and provide more functions.

New Run

Create a new run and specify the project name and file location then click OK. After created the run, you will see a project tree in the left with Run01 is included. Double left click Run01 can modify the remark of the run.

Note: If the project name is used, a dialog will pop up to remind you whether to overwrite the project or not.


Open File

Open an existing project. Studio can support *.MRM, *.M3J, and *.MVJ files. After open the project, you can continue to edit the project or view analysis results in Studio.

Note: To continue with an MRM file, it must have established mesh model already, meaning Final Check in Mesh tab should already be launched.

Add Run

If there is existing run already and you want to add a run in current project, please click the dropdown list and select the method to add run.

New Run: Add a complete new run in the current path without any setting assigned.

Copy Run: Create a run by copying an existing run in the current project.

Import Run: Import runs from another project (Same function in Edit Run Menu)