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Moldex3D Help 2021

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2. Stand-alone Type Installation

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The procedures below will guide users to install stand-alone type in PC step by step. Moreover, if users need to install Samples, just remember to expand the node of modules then check the items what you need.

Getting Started

To install the software, it is strongly recommended to follow the steps below:

You have to login as the administrator of the system. If you are not the administrator, it will not allow you to continue the installation.

To avoid unexpected problems in Windows, the followings are strongly recommended.

The installation path of the destination folder should be as short as possible. Ex: C:\

Please do not use non-English characters in the installation path name.

Keeping more than one continuous spaces in the installation path is NOT recommended, but just ONE space between each word is still allowed if it is needed.

The following steps will guide you through the stand-alone type installation.

1.Insert installation DVD with auto-run to launch Moldex3D Setup Wizard 2.0, or users can click setup.exe to activate the Wizard as well. Please select the runtime language during the installation implement.


2.License Agreement: Check I accept the terms of the license agreement after reading Moldex3D END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, and click Next.


3.License Mode: Select Stand-alone and input your mac file, installation wizard will detect Installation Modules automatically. Click Next.


4.Reconfirm the programs which you would like to install. Click Next to continue, or Back to return the previous step. Specify a pass to store Moldex3D working files and Rhinoceros working files. For security purpose, if a disk is select as working folder, the wizard will create folder MDX_WorkingFolder as working folder under that disk. Click Next to access next step or otherwise click Back for previous setting.


5.Beside of the default, there are also other options to install other applications together if needed. For purchased Moldex3D Add-ons, such as Moldex3D Mesh and CADdoctor, Please make sure they are enabled in the installation.

6.Parallel Computing Component (Master Node): The wizard will create a limited user account automatically for parallel computing. Set password and select IP address.


7.Click Install to start installing the modules you selected. Click Back to reconfirm the previous setting. Wizard will detect and install the required prerequisites automatically before installing the modules you selected. For example, the necessary prerequisites of Moldex3D 2021 x64 are VC++2013 Redistributable x64, VC++2017 Redistributable x64, IntelMPI x64.


8.Installation summary shows the installation status of the modules you selected. Click Finish to complete Moldex3D installation.
Note: In this step, installation wizard would ask users to restart computer if Master Node or Moldex3D Remote Computing has been called and installed previously.